Health and Wellbeing with Lee Clements -  Remedial Massage. Reflexology. Aromatherapy. Meditation. Yoga

       Tune In, breathe and relax
                 this time is just for you...

From the moment you walk through the front gate with the gentle sound of running water,stepping onto the verandah bathed in sunlight, you know you have arrived at a place of rest.This is where you can slow down and rejuvenate your body and spirit. Lee's treatments are special... they are designed to create space and harmony, deep relaxation and rest.... just for you.

With a variety of individual massage and relaxation treatments to choose from, I'm sure you will find a suitable treatment to help you feel better with your health and enjoy a brighter outlook on life.
I welcome you to my beautiful space.
Lee Clements


      Health Fund Rebates are available on some treatments.
         Please check with your individual health fund.

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